Nowadays the knowledge of English is not a privilege, it’s the necessity. That’s why the second or even the third language is so highly valued! But which one should be chosen? SPANGLISH ACADEMY team suggests studying SPANISH.

– Spanish is the second most popular language in the world (it’s native for more than 437 million people);

– its sphere of usage grows every day;

– business contacts with Spain and countries of Latin America have been developing;

– it’s the language to travel: Ibiza, Mallorca, Costa-Brava, Madrid, Barcelona, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico…and many-many-many others. Knowing Spanish you would be hosted like locals!;

– the prestige of the Universitied of Spain which provide generous offers for students from all over the world;

– the language of Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, the language of passion and charming rhythm.

Just imagine – having astered English, you open more than 22 countries which their unique cultures and unforgettable people.

You should study Spanish with us:

  • only professional lecturers which have experience in international practice
  • native speakers
  • collaboration with institutions of Spain
  • preparation for DELE ad ZNO
  • groups or individuals
  • meeting with Spanish culture, customs and traditions + dance club, speaking club and movie club!
  • specific tecnique which suits you


We hope we’ve persuaded you enough to start studying Spanish with us, with SPANGLISH ACADEMY!

For more information call +380684244951 🙂