ERASMUS+ or briefly about studiyng abroad.

Studying abroad has always seemed to be unreal and unaffordable. Any dream can come true with Erasmus+
This is the EU program in the field of education, which implies students (not only) exchange between European universities. You can go to a university for 3-12 months. 

In addition to this, the students are paid the scolarship (700-850 euros per month) and the program covers all the expenses for the transfer and the education at the host university. All this happens on condition that you succeed in the competition among other students. That’s where we can help you!

– we’ll explain all the pecularities of submission of documents;
– we’ll help with composing of letters of recommendation and interview;
– we’ll improve your English and Spanish;
– we’ll talk the inner information about the selection committee;
– you’ll learn the criteria of the procedure of selection of candidates;
– you’ll have the opportunity to meet people who already have such experience.  

With SPANGLISH ACADEMY you will get a clear understanding of how it is possible to win a scolarship at the European universities.

We provide professional services of preparing for exams, as our specialists are alumi of the Western universities and they have a colossal experience of international enrolments.

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