Our company provides English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian translations.

We offer a wide range of services which could be necessary in any moment of life. Their price could be fixed or determined by some certain factors as size, difficulty of terminology, etc.

What translations do we provide?

  • translation of documents (passports, licenses, certificates, diplomas, etc);
  • translation of web-sites
  • urgent translation
  • literary written translation
  • translation on IT topics
  • technical written translation
  • medical written translation
  • translation of documents for embassies
  • translation by native speakers
  • translation of audio and video
  • interpretation

If you fail to find here what you need, contact us and we’ll try to help you.

Who will make translation?

Our translators and interpreters are competent authorities with appropriate education and practice. Translation could also be carried out by a native speaker.

We offer reasonable prices. The price depends on the material itself, its size, its difficulty and its subject matter and some other imposrtant factors – the requiery of the Consular legalization, time frame and notarization.

We work with all Ukrainian cities and towns. If there’s no translation agency in your town, you can easily send us material for translation via e-mail or courier service.


We provide services of interpretation for events of different character: presentations, negotiations, business meetings, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and reception of foreign guests. Our interpreters have Diplomas and substantial interpreting practice, this why they realize the importance of the task and comply with business ethics and confidentiality.

The price for services can vary because of the type, size and other factors of the work.

We offer such kinds of interpretation:

– consecutive;

– simultanious;

– services of certified interpreter in the field;

– urgent interpretation;

– whispering.

One of the most difficult kinds of interpretation is the simultanious one. The price for it is much hisher respectively. It’s determined by the pecularities of your order, interpreter’s qualification and necessity of use of special equipment. Interpretation is carried out without pauses so that the listeners imagine listening to a speaker talking in the native language. Simultaneous interpretation is a very intense, stressful and difficult process, that’s why it usually requires two interpreters changing each other.

Consecutive interpretation is popular as well. The price is usually lower than for the simultaneous one, though it also depends on the language, duration of work and topics. This kind of interpretation is used almost at every business meetings, negotiations, exhibitions, conferences, round tables, etc.

Accompanying of foreign guests is one more kind of interpretation.

We also provide a service of certified interpreter’s presence at the notary. A specialist must translate quickly and know the legal subject.

Moreover, we offer urgent interpretation. We’ll try to find a specialist needed for your order as soon as possible.