We decided to go further – Spanglish Academy offers a unique course, which has no analogues in Ukraine.

We will teach your child to speak a foreign language, draw, sing from diapers!

Our goal is to interest your child in language and show him the language through educational games, exercises and modern technologies combined with art and music (according to the method of the Japanese innovator Masaru Ibuki).





My name is Lily. I graduated from the National Odessa Music Academy. I teach piano and play music with young children and adults (no age restrictions).

Positive, purposeful, I love children and art, music, art.

I quickly find an individual approach to each child and student and always work for the result.


Iuliia Nevynna

My name is Yulia Petrovna Nevinna, I am a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of Taras Shevchenko National University and a person with more than 18 years of experience in teaching foreign languages.

The purpose of opening this language academy is to give the Ukrainian market the opportunity to receive a quality academic education, which would be based on a mixture of Western practices and traditions of our education, which I, like many of our teachers, received at Taras Shevchenko National University. I studied in England, Spain, Italy and lived in Toronto (Canada). And now I still continue to travel the world in search of the latest and most effective teaching methods. This helps me to develop my own methodology and gradually bring it to perfection.

She started working with children from the very birth of her son in 2020, on which I tested a method focused on the child – the basis of not only language but also parallel comprehensive development. I love foreign languages ​​and I really want to teach you and your children to love them as well! You can really learn and know a foreign language as a native in a short time and it is very interesting!

Learning foreign languages ​​is very cool and I will prove it to you!



Varyvoda Yelyzaveta Serhiivna, born on December 28, 2000 She graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Theater and Art College, majoring in Fine Arts. In 2019 she entered the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, majoring in Painting. Sicheslav Plein Air ”2018,“ Sicheslav Plein Air ”2019,“ From Vocation to Profession ”2019,“ European Heritage Days ”2019 Creative, purposeful and communicative. I can’t imagine my life without art.

I have been teaching painting to children of all ages for about 3 years. I love children very much, I think they can do anything, my task is to help them in this.


Nadiya Petruk

Hola, my name is Nadiia and I am a teacher of Spanish for kids at Spanglish Academy.

Children, of course, are the most important thing in our lives, and creating a happy childhood for them is the main occupation for parents. Learning a foreign language will bring a lot of bright colors and fun emotions in the lives of your children.

I know from my own experience how easy and fast it is to instill in children a love for the Spanish language. So if you and your children have a great desire to learn about the world of languages while playing, call Spanglish Academy quickly so as not to lose the chance to raise small polyglots.

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