Speaking classes at Spanglish Academy are:

  • live communication is one of the steps to fluency in the language; 
  • a way to overcome the language barrier;
  • motivation that prompts one to improve one’s knowledge

At our speaking sessions, you can hear speakers from different parts of the world, from Australia to Colombia. As a result, you have a unique opportunity to discover the most exciting aspects of life and culture of such countries as Spain, Cuba, Colombia, Great Britain, the USA, and Australia.

Each speech is exceptional because it will not be repeated. The topic can be any, starting carnivals, cuisine, or a combination of both. Our students are always happy to attend speaking clubs because they feel comfortable. Our native speakers will gladly help you to develop your communication skills and learn how to express your opinion.


Plenty of different master’s classes are held at the Spanglish Academy.

  • Culinary master class is an incredible opportunity to cook Spanish dishes under the guidance of an authentic Spanish chef, and the most pleasant thing is their tasting. These will be unforgettable impressions and absolute gastronomic pleasure!
  • A wine master class is a wine tasting with an outstanding sommelier and a total immersion in any language. You will also be able to learn a lot of exciting things about wine.
  • Cinema master class – films and series, in general, are essential elements of any language, especially when you do not live in the country in which the language you are learning. Spanglish Academy offers an incredible opportunity to come to our office and watch Spanish, English, and German movies, which will improve your listening skills.
  • Master class with our founder, Nevynna Iuliia.

Remember that each of our MCs differs from the previous ones, so if you’ve already been to one, feel free to come again! You definitely won’t regret it!