Spanish language


My name is Iuliia  Nevynna, and I am a teacher of Spanish and English. I have studied in England, Spain, and Italy and lived in Canada. And even now, I keep going abroad to enrich myself with the latest and most advanced teaching methods. This helps me develop my own methodology and deepen it and bring it to perfection. You can learn the language with me very quickly and easily, and the most important is to be effective.

  • Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; specialty – “Translation” (Spanish, English): qualification – Master of Translation, translator from English and Spanish, philologist-researcher, teacher of higher education institution, University of Salento, Italy
  • Experience: more than 20 years, in groups of different sizes, as well as teaching individual classes
  • Specialized training: Advanced training in the form of an internship at the University of Granada, Spain from February 21, 2022 to July 31, 2022; advanced training within the course “Curso Didáctico para Profesores de Español de Ucrania”, University of Cadiz, Spain, July 13, 2022;
  • Research interests: foreign languages, classical literature, psychology


I am a Spanish teacher at the Spanglish Academy.

The Spanish language is my inevitable embodiment and passion! It has long become an integral part of my life since school. For more than 10 years I have been closely connected with Spanish and for more than 3 years I have worked as a teacher.

It is always pleasant to observe the progress of students who not so long ago only mastered the alphabet and the first phrases, and are already so stormy and cheers discussing subjects in Spanish. Probably, this is my specialty and attracts the teacher.

  • Education: Educational and Research Institute of Philology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Master’s Degree in Philology with a specialization in Romance Languages and Literatures (translation inclusive), the first – Spanish
  • Teaching experience in groups and individually since 2018.
  • I have been studying Spanish since 2009 and every year I improve my knowledge and skills


My name is Kateryna Lyzogub, I work as a Spanish teacher at Kyiv National Linguistic University and Spanglish Academy. Besides teaching languages, I am interested in multimodal linguistics and kinesics.
My first foreign language is English, but Spanish always sounds more pleasant and carefree to me. I believe that language is a reflection of the people, their history and culture. Learning foreign languages helps us develop new habits and makes it possible to see the world differently, so one of the ways to get to know yourself better is to join our classes!

  • Education: Master of Philology (Kyiv National Linguistic University)
  • Specialization: Romance languages and literatures (translation included), first – Spanish
  • Specialized training: ELE courses
  • Pedagogical experience: more than 4 years
  • Research interests: multimodal linguistics, kinesics, colloquialisms


Good afternoon! My name is Vasilyna; I have more than 4 years of teaching experience. Thanks to this, I know how to adapt various teaching methods to the needs of each student and how to provide information in a meaningful, organized, practical and fun way.

Studying a foreign language opens up new opportunities, not only linguistic or professional but also cultural. The Spanish language, for me, is an integral part of life. I am fond of Spanish culture and traditions, so I share that knowledge with others in the classroom.

The progress of my students and the feeling that you help them achieve their goals step by step is the biggest motivation and inspiration for me.

We will be able to immerse ourselves in the Spanish-speaking world and achieve results after the first lesson.

  • Education: Master of Philology (Kyiv National Linguistic University)
  • Specialization: Romance languages and literatures (including translation), the first – Spanish
  • Specialized ELE training: currently taking specialized ELE courses
  • Teaching experience: more than 4 years
  • Research interests: phonetic features, Spanish dialects and colloquial style, phraseology


Hello! My name is Kateryna; I am a Spanish teacher at Spanglish Academy. I spent my childhood abroad, learning Spanish in the narrow streets of Cuba and at Latin American parties by speaking with friendly Cubans.

I know not by hearsay how difficult it can be to learn a foreign language, where to put accents, and what tense to use. But I assure you that after the first lesson you will understand that Spanish is an elementary language because my classes are always productive, and most importantly, enjoyable! With my help, you will not only speak fluently but also learn a lot of facts about Cuba!

  • I learned Spanish in Cuba, where I lived and studied from 2017 to 2020. Currently I am studying at Taras Shevchenko University and preparing to pass DELE B2.
  • I have been teaching for over a year and have a large number of satisfied students.

Native Speaker's


Hello, my name is Angelica Vasquez, today I want to share with you some insights that I had a few years ago about the importance of language. When I
came to Ukraine, I realized that knowing a foreign language is as important
as getting to know another culture, traditions and customs. That’s why I decided to plunge into the world of languages, and I do not regret it. For this reason, I want to invite you to improve your Spanish with me and get a certificate. I know that it will open many doors for you. I am waiting for you in my lessons.

Salvador Luna Muñoz

My name is Salvador, although I prefer to be called Salvi.

I am  a lawyer, interpreter/translator and teacher.

I consider myself a cheerful, fun and optimistic person. I try to always be laughing and enjoy every moment, even in class. I believe that positive emotions are the best way to learn, and my experience is that students enjoy and learn more this way.


Hello, my name is Lilibel and I am Cuban, I would like to teach you the most wonderful language – Spanish.

Learning Spanish with a native speaker is a totally new experience. You will have the opportunity to learn about the whole Latin American culture and speak Spanish perfectly with all its rules and accents. I know how it is hard to learn another language. I can tell you from my own experience, because when I came to Ukraine, I started to learn Ukrainian, and it’s not easy at all, so hurry up! If I could do it, so can you. I hope to see you soon at my classes.

English language


My name is Kateryna Glushchenko, I graduated from the Institute of Philology of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

I love foreign languages, that’s why I chose this direction. My schoolteacher of English instilled in me a real love for English. From an early age, I decided to become a teacher whose language learning is a thrill.

I am constantly improving my foreign knowledge by attending various courses and online training. I started teaching at school, so now not only they but I enjoy the classes. Each time rejoicing in their results and constant progress.

I adore foreign languages, so I chose this direction.
True love for English was instilled in me by my school teacher of the English language. From an early age I decided to become the teacher for whom learning a language is a pleasure.
I am constantly improving my own knowledge by attending various courses and online training. I have started teaching since school years, so now not only my students enjoy classes, but also me. Every time my students get results and constant progress is what makes me happy.

  • Education: Institute of Philology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • Experience: more than 2 years I have been teaching in groups and individually


Hello everyone, my name is Maria and as you might have guessed I am a teacher at Spanglish Academy.
Since elementary school I realized that I fell in love with the English language and that the relationship with it is definitely for a long time. But in fact, I never thought that I would become a teacher, because it is such a boring and long process to teach someone, I thought. How wrong I was!
Now I can’t imagine my life without teaching. In my lessons, most of the time is dedicated to talking, that is, I use a communicative approach so that students start speaking English as soon as possible. At each lesson there is always a place for creativity and humor. I am always happy to listen to my students and interested in their development. I can and know how to make you fall in love with English, come to my lesson and make sure)

  • Education: Bachelor of Philology (University of Silesia in Poland). Now I am continuing my master’s studies (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv).
  • Specialization: Bachelor – translator from English and Korean. Master’s degree – literary translation (English and Spanish)
  • Pedagogical experience: 3 years (age of students from 2 years to 60)
  • Research interests: issues of languages for special purposes (scientific and professional communication), communicative and cognitive aspects of production and perception of oral speech.


I am undoubtedly and irrevocably in love with the English language. People say that a new language changes the way you think. If that’s true, English will change you for the better. It definitely will broaden your horizons and make you think outside the box. English opens up an unlimited field of possibilities for you (banal, but true), and these opportunities are not only for work and development, but also for leisure and entertainment (win-win). My goal is to share my passion for English with different people. I am sure that my enthusiasm and experience is what you are looking for.


Hello everyone! My name is Julia and I have been teaching English for over 10 years now.
I have been studying English in Scotland and lived in India for several years. Also, have worked as a journalist and translator.
In my lessons I try not just to explain the incomprehensible materia and teach spoken, business and literary language, but also to convey interest and love for other cultures that English reveals to us.



Hello everyone! My name is Olena, I am a German teacher at Spanglish Academy.
I have lived in Switzerland, where I had the opportunity to constantly practice the language with native speakers, learn new approaches and methods of language learning, which I use in
my classes. Learning foreign languages means discovering a fascinating new world, understanding another culture, makes you feel comfortable when you are abroad, and helps you to express your thoughts, not only in your native but also in a foreign language. I know how to make language learning interesting, diverse and easy. I will teach you to speak German fluently and will do my best to make German became not only a foreign language, but also a second native language for you!

  • Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Master’s degree in Germanic Philology (German and English) and Translation.
  • Experience: over 5 years



Hello, my name is Ivan Fechko!
Ukrainian is my native language, so I know it perfectly since childhood.
I confirmed my level of language proficiency by passing the national exam and received the highest mark. I combine language teaching with acquaintance with unique features of our culture and traditions. Also, during the educational process I use all modern technologies and approaches. I love the Ukrainian language, so I will be happy to help you learn it from the beginning or improve your existing level!

– Education: historian-translator of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 

– Teaching experience more than 3 years, both group and individual lessons