The exam consists of 2 parts

  • The joint unit “Language, Letter and reading culture” contains 29 tasks in the test form of different difficulty levels; the maximum possible number of points is 44. The given time for fulfillment of functions of this part – is 20 minutes;
  • Part of the “speaking” contains one task; the maximum possible number of points is 18. The given time for the fulfillment of this task is 10 minutes.

Total exam time: 30 minutes

The exam program requires the applicant to know the basic rules of phonetics, morphology, syntax, and stylistics of the Ukrainian language, to have a vast vocabulary and phraseology, and to be able to use the language in conditions of service communication.

By the exam results, you will receive a certificate of the appropriate level of state language proficiency. There are three levels:

  • Initial level (A1-A2) – 30-49% correct answers
  • The average level (B1-B1) is 50-69% of the correct answers
  • High grade (C1-C2) – 70-100% correct answers.

Only a high level is required to fulfill his duties. Therefore, your result should be at least 70%!