Centro Superior de Lenguas Modernas is a private language school at the University of Cadiz (Spain). Therefore, it is possible to significantly improve the level of the Spanish language in a few weeks and combine pleasant with proper – study and rest on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean!

We work with the University of Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, and Cadiz.

University of Valencia:

This university was founded in 1499. One of the few European universities that have their Constitution. Over its five-year history, the university has trained hundreds of thousands of specialists in various fields of classical university education.

University of Granada:

The University of Granada is the result of adopting the Law on Autonomous University of 1983. His leadership is recognized as one of the best educational institutions by various ratings. Thus, according to the Shanghai academic rating of universities of the world, it is among the 300 best universities of the world and the second in Spain.

The university strongly prefers effective management, knowledge and transfer, and high-quality training with modern methods. Furthermore, leadership in research, continuous improvement of its activities through ICT, internationalization, and equal opportunities are also excellent features of the University of Granada.

University of Cadiz:

Cadiz is the southernmost Spanish city on the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean coast. It is considered the oldest city in Western Europe, and the university is one of the youngest universities in Spain. The University of Cadiz continues the academic traditions of the Lozman School (XV-XVI centuries). And the Royal Naval Medical and Surgical College (XVIII century). The University of Cadiz is one of the leading universities in Spain.

Complutense University of Madrid:

The University of Komplunger in Madrid had had its own history since the end of the ХІІ century when the license for the creation of a school in the city was issued Alcalá de Enares. In 1499 the status of the university was received. Therefore, UCM is considered the oldest educational institution in existence. In 1836 he was transferred to Madrid and became the central university of Spain and the prominent Spanish public university. Established bilateral agreements with scientific research and educational institutions annually at the University of Complutense in Madrid, about 90 thousand students are studying, acquiring knowledge from 6000 teachers at the international level.

Jaen University:

University of Jaén (UJA) is a state higher education institution in Spain. UJA was founded in 1993. The university’s main building is located in Hanoi on a campus of city type. The University of Jaén is recently one of 30 leading universities in Spain. In addition, the educational institution is one of five percent of the best universities in the world.

Autonomous University of Barcelona:

The Autonomous University of Barcelona – Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) – the state educational institution of the general profile, located in the capital of Catalonia. The Autonomous University in Barcelona was founded simultaneously with the Autonomous University of Madrid after educational reforms in 1968. Known as one of the best universities in the world, established over the past 50 years. Lecturers, post-graduates, and students of the Autonomous University carry out active research, taking part in the realization of various national and international projects. The language courses of the Autonomous University occupy a modern building in the city of San Pau. In 1997 he was recognized as a monument of the World Heritage of UNESCO. Part of the lectures at UAB is read in the Catalan language, for which free linguistic courses are organized.