Nowadays, the knowledge of English is no longer something extraordinary, and few can be infected with it because it is almost always necessary to know it. That is why the requirements of knowledge of a second foreign language are actively proposed.

What language should be chosen, and why does Spanish take the first position?

– Spanish is the second most popular language in the world (almost 440 million people speak it natively!)

– The Spanish language is broadcast worldwide at a cosmic rate.

– This is the second language intensity of use in international business. Cooperating not only with Spain but also with Latin America.

-Language for Travel: Ibiza, Majorca, Costa Brava, Madrid, Barcelona, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and many others are developing actively.

– Spanish universities are the world’s leading universities and among the best for foreigners.

– Many researchers expect Spanish to soon be the world’s first language.

– It is enough to think that the Spanish study opens for you 22 countries with their unique world culture and habits.

WE EXAMINED WHY WE ARE ENCOURAGED TO STUDY SPANISH, BUT WHY SHOULD WE?– Only professionals who have a placement in foreign universities and are interpreters-practitioners at the Embassy of Spain.

– Option of studying the language with a NATIVE SPEAKERS

– Direct cooperation with Spain

– Preparation for DELE and EIT

– Opportunity for group and individual study.

– Your best schedule and methodology.

– We not only learn the language but also learn about the culture of Spain and Latin America. We consider that language should be studied with a complex understanding: To talk and live with it, to watch Spanish films, listen to music, rest in Spain, to know the peculiarities of the Spanish language dialect. That is why we like to hold rotary CLUBS with NATIVE SPEAKERS because they see the country and its language like no other.

We have convinced you that the Spanish language and the Spanglish Academy are precisely what you need. It is up to you, and we will gladly help you fulfill your wishes. We promise that studying will be pleasant and practical at the same time!