You may wonder: «What is the difference between this Spanglish Academy and all other courses or schools?”

Everything is quite simple:

  1. We do not specialize in a diverse language spectrum but focus on narrow specializations, for example, business English or Spanish for doctors.
  2. Such narrow specificity makes it possible to talk about QUALITY. Long before the academy’s opening, our founder and inspirer, Iuliia Nevynna, researched the domestic market and realized that in Ukraine, there are indeed many courses and schools that need to give the desired result. Therefore, our center’s basis is the rapid achievement of the best development.
  3. All our employees are trained personally by Iuliia Nevynna, using her methodology, where every lesson is conducted under strict control.
  4. PLEASANT BONUS FOR THE BEST STUDENTS: trips to educational institutions (public schools and universities, not private institutions) in Spain, Canada, and Great Britain!

There is also an OPPORTUNITY for a 2-week FREE INTERNSHIP at the Embassies of foreign countries in UKRAINE for the best students.