If you really want to prepare for DELE or SIELE, address to the Spanglish Academy. Only in our center for examinations are prepared examinations DELE, which know exactly what you need to successfully pass the exam.

The first question you have – what is the difference between DLE and Siele?


DELE you should pass directly to the dates approved by the Servantes Institute. You can compose it any time and in electronic format.
The result of the exam will be  3 months after the date of exam. You can obtain a SIELE certificate for 3 weeks.
The action of certificate is undefined. The certificate is valid for 5 years.
Taking the exam to a certain level. 100% of examinations, confirmation of any level.
All levels are possible. There is no exam, which implies difficulty of level C2.

The second question is, what peculiarities of preparation for international Spanish exams are we?

4 times a week – 2 with the academy’s founder and 2 with a native speaker, both teachers are exams.

  • Updated program for preparation.
  • The newest books and materials.

And the third question – why do you need the diploma DELE or Siele?

  • This is one of the main steps toward obtaining Spanish citizenship.
  • With this certificate, you can quickly enter any university in Spain.
  • It will be much easier to get a dream job in Spain with DELE or Siele ( and in Ukraine).

 Therefore, if you want to pass international examinations successfully, we expect you in the Spanglish Academy.

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