We translate into English, Spanish, German, Ukrainian.


– translation of different types of documents (passports, certificates, references, attestation, diplomas, etc.)

– translation of websites

– urgent translation

– an artistic  written translation

Translation of it topics

– technical translation

– medical written translation

– translation of documents for the embassy

– translation by native speaker

– translation of audio and video materials


We also provide interpretation services for events of different nature: Presentations, business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, reception of foreign guests. Our interpreter are certified experts with experience who understand the importance of the task and adhere to the privacy and business ethics provisions.

We perform the following types of interpretation:

– consistent

– synchronous

– services of a certified translator at the exit

– urgent interpretation services

We also provide such a service as the presence of a certified interpreter at the reception in a notary. The peculiarity here is that the specialist should quickly translate and understand the subject of the lawyer.