The 360º method is the basis for quality teaching at the Spanglish Academy.

What is the essential technique of the author of Nevinna Julia?

  • Combining academic excellence with the best and latest forms of education from Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and Canada.
  • Use of advanced Spanish literature and authors’ handbooks, which are increasing in number;
  • Learning through an interactive form helps develop 4 essential skills: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We are putting a solid emphasis on using audio, video, and interactive resources.
  • Gamification is a new feature in Ukraine, but not for students of the Spanglish Academy. What is it? Use specific game elements in non-game practices. It allows not only to learn to play but also to distract when switching from one exercise to another. Thus, our students cover a much more considerable amount of material.
  • The platform is another way to improve our center’s quality and level of teaching. It allows for considerably diversifying the classes, engaging different kinds of memory, simplifying mastering of new material, to shift attention, thus avoiding tedious processes. In addition, our author’s books are used during the training, and the platform allows us to constantly introduce new materials and their creation which complements and makes the process complete.
  • The practice of translation is another critical step toward improving language skills.
  • The Spanglish Academy’s master classes, speakers, and other events help our students fully experience the culture of Spain, England, and Germany.
  • Completely new programs approved by the best experts in Spain.

It is worth noting that our method is adaptive for children and adults. Gamification helps reach modern children who are accustomed to playing computer games and communicating on social networks. That is why our team is only young specialists working on quality and results. The Spanglish Academy does not use classical educational methods, which often ignore the simple, but the unlimited fact that studies should bring pleasure; it can and should be interesting; therefore, we use the principle of blended learning. Thus, the platform acts as part of the gameplay and interactive material but still needs to replace the academic domain. Our methodology works not only for simple courses but also for preparation for DELE, SIELE, ILETS, TOEFL, TestDaF, Goethe Institut, and the EIT.

The development of the Academy benefits from an essential element: The best fight against boredom is motivation and positive emotions, and information, including new languages, is better understood.