At level A1, you will learn typical Spanish greetings and farewells, numbers, colors, days of the week, months, and weather according to the seasons. In addition, you will know how to introduce yourself and tell about your family, describe your appearance and character, lifestyle and hobbies. Also, you will analyze the main aspects of Spanish phonetics and grammar.

At level A2.1, you will be able to describe different types of accommodation and discuss chores; you will learn to talk about health and food and express your preferences for clothing and travel. Furthermore, you will know how to use general expressions according to topics and discuss the future.

At level A2.2, you will learn about comparison and talk about your childhood, certain moments, historical figures, and essential inventions for humankind. Additionally, in this course, you will discuss Spanish cinema and ecology. Also will learn how to organize a party and express your feelings and desires.

At level B1.1, you will learn more about the geography and history of Spain, be able to talk about the latest technologies and the Internet, and advance your knowledge about environmental issues and responsible consumption. In addition, you can give advice, permissions or prohibitions, express assumptions, and evaluative judgments.  At level B1.2, you will know how to describe features of the character and interpersonal relationships and be able to express emotions caused by various situations. Also, you will talk about literature and the media and discuss working and learning conditions with a complete understanding of causes and effects, goals, and time connections between actions. At level B1.3, you will discuss the challenges of generation, nutrition, and gastronomy and describe a state of health. Besides, you will know how to express conditions and consequences and talk about the purpose of actions and probabilities. You will analyze the news and learn how to write letters.

At level B2.1, you will talk about essential stages of your life, abilities and skills, and the world of work. One of the critical things you will learn is how to express feelings and moods and discuss the principles of a healthy lifestyle and happiness. In addition, there will be discussion of cultural aspects, debates about politics and public participation. At level B2.2, you will comment on the media and current issues and discuss tourism and attractions. Also you will know how to accept invitations and make appointments, express emotions, thoughts and assumptions. At level B2.3, you will learn youth slang. There will be discussions about technology and science, work activities, and personal communication. You will express your opinion and give arguments about environmental problems, irresponsible consumption, certainty and doubts, causes and consequences.

At level C1.1, you will analyze your achievements and typical mistakes in learning. Also you will be able to discuss consumer behavior and the benefits of sports and brain functions. In this course you will retell past events, express sympathy and give recommendations, and analyze literature and art.

At level C1.2 , you will learn how to express irony and argue about social myths and urban legends, use common colloquial expressions, and comment on the Spanish world of work and job hunting. Also, you will discuss interpersonal relationships and describe physical and personality features in more detail.

At level C1.3, you will discuss interpersonal relationships and describe physical and personality features in more detail. And also will analyze social problems and learn more about human psychology and brain functions.

At level C1.4, you will study the most common phrases and vocabulary related to paperwork and bureaucracy, and analyze political speeches, film reviews, articles and reports on topics such as motherland, ecology, success and failure.

At level C2.1, you will learn more about Spanish culture, literary news and advertising. In this course you will analyze social media, their social and psychological impact and also talk about modern art and body language.At level C2.2, you will learn collocations, discuss social habits and cultural heritage. The critical part of this course is a discussion of professional skills and personal relationships and exploring the values ​​and beliefs of the Latin American world. Also, you will learn how to retell facts using metaphors and conversational constructions.

At level C2.3, you will negotiate famous people, crucial moments in Spanish history, and social phenomena such as plastic surgery. Also, there will be studying of communication styles and areas of law. Finally, you will discuss the impact of social media and television on our society.

At level C2.4, you will study communication styles and areas of law. In addition, you will discuss the impact of social media and television on our society, as well as talk about sign language and the peculiar habits of the Spanish-speaking world.

At level C2.5, you will learn to use legal and administrative vocabulary and discuss forms of government and reforms, socio-ecological problems and historical events. At the end of this course, you will use special terms and colloquial words freely.