Our team of professionals will help you learn all the necessary material to complete the NMT in the shortest period. The methodology is aimed at quick memorization and a clear understanding of the exam structure.

To achieve the best results, we offer you the following:

  1. 23 English lessons of 90 minutes each.
  2. 23 lessons on the history of Ukraine of 90 minutes each.
  3. 31 Ukrainian language lessons of 90 minutes each.
  4. Groups of 6-7 people
  5. The newest material
  6. 6 months
  7. Simulation of 2 NMT tests during the course

Additionally, to efficient classes with the best specialists, you will receive consultations with Iuliia Nevynna, associate professor of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.

We guarantee you a result of 190+. However, we want to remind you that it is better to contact us as early as possible before the exams start. This way, you will be sure about your result, and the best universities in the country will not seem like a dream but will become a reality!