Today we would like to discuss feelings because it is very important to know how exactly declare the feelings, say “thank you” to the person who is dear and make the first step towards the new period in life❤️

💕I’ve got a crush on you \ I am falling in love with you.
💕I need you.
💕I’m all about you.
💕I feel affectionate toward you.
💕I care for you deeply.
💕I can not get over you.
💕I want a lifetime with you.
💕You mean the world to me.
💕I love being with you.
💕You make my life beautiful.
💕I fell head over heels in love.
💕I think about you every minute.
💕It was love at first sight.
💕I’m totally into you.
💕I’ve got a thing for you \ I have feelings for you.
💕I feel something for you.
💕I think of you as more than a friend.

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