Independent External Evaluation


Our team of professionals will help you to learn all the necessary material for successful completion of the exam in the shortest possible time. The technique is aimed at quick memorization and a clear understanding of the exam structure.

Spanish and English testing has a similar structure and in 2018 it will consist of the following types of tasks:

– the task of choosing one correct answer;

– tasks for compliance;

– correctness/wrong approval;

– filling of the gaps in the text;

– the task of an open form with the expanded answer;

– audio.


Trial testing at the first class to determine the levels of your knowledge, strengths and weaknesses;

– We use current materials and manuals;

– We will teach you to perform the test part of tasks quickly;

– We are approaching the writing of the last – creative task with special attention. There is no secret that writing an essay in a foreign language always difficult, especially when it is necessary to do it on a stress test and for a limited amount of time. But we will teach you to enjoy even such tasks and help you to get the maximum number of points, avoiding unnecessary mistakes;

– We will work on vocabulary and understanding of texts;

– And, of course, the perception of a foreign language. We remind you that audio is added to the testing;

– For the exam you will be prepared by teachers, whose own score is 190+;

– Depending on your desire you can study in small groups or individually with a teacher.

Testing in Ukrainian meets all the standards of the new format of the External Independent Testing, so we guarantee you a result of 190+.

However, we would like to remind that it is still better to contact us as early as possible before the exams, then you will be calm for your result!