Hello! my name is Isabel, I am a native Spanish speaker.

I came to Kiev due to the Erasmus+ programme to research for my Final Degree Paper about the Ukrainian political system and the Spanish media coverage of the Maidan Revolution. I have studied a Double Degree in Law and Political Sciences & Administration in the University of Granada (Spain) and I have been an exchange student at the University of Sussex (United Kingdom).

I always felt passionate for languages which led me to enroll in the Faculty of Slavic Philology at the National Linguistics University of Kiev where I study Ukrainian, Russian and German.

I was fortunate to find colleagues from other countries which not only are eager to learn these languages (and therefore I can practice them) but are also interested in learning my mother tongue, Spanish.

I believe that a multicultural environment is the perfect setup for the development of languages skills. I conduct my lessons under a dynamic concept of learning where creativity and everyone’s input is not only welcomed but also encouraged.

I will be happy to see you all at the Spanish speaking club.
¡ Bienvenidos todos !!