It is known that the success of your business directly depends on the work of staff👥. We provide services of recruitment for your company, who will meet all your requirements and wishes.

We pay attention to the correspondence of resources and requests of both sides:

🔝tasks and aims,
🔝otivation and ability,
🔝qualification and professionalism


We attentively study the area of the client’s company, the history of its development and corporate culture, its aims and tasks at this stage and for the perspective.

Firstly, we devise an individual strategy in order to find the candidate using unique technics and ways.

We judge you potential staff using these criteria:

✔️PROFESSIONAL SUITABILITY — compliance of the worker with the professional skills, requirements of the particular working place, position obligations.

✔️PROFESSIONAL SKILLS — general professional knowledge.

✔️COMPETENCIES — the presence of these qualities guarantees permanent success of the candidate in coping with all the tasks.

✔️INDIVIDUALLY PSYCOLOGICAL QUALITIES – motivation, emotional stability, special features of the memory and the way of thinking.

✔️PSYCOLOGICAL QUALITIES — stamina, capacity for work, eye, fineness of intellect.

As a result, you will have attentively chosen and checked candidates, who will meet all the requirements, suit this particular position, aims and tasks, corporate culture of the company👨‍💼.