Do you plan to study abroad or participate in international exchange programs? Would  you like to work in an English-speaking country? Then IELTS is what you need! IELTS is one of the most popular exams, which confirm knowledge of English. Its certificate is required in schools, universities and international companies of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Firstly, IELTS differs from TOEFL in that it assesses THE BRITISH version of English. Secondly, it is divided into Academic IELTS and General IELTS. The type of exam depends on your plans and goals in the future.  It is necessary to make Academic IELTS for studying English in higher educational institutions of the above countries (+USA). General IELTS is necessary for immigration, studying in secondary school or working in a foreign company.


– based on the British English;

– the results are certified in all countries of the world;

– the results are valid for 2 years;

– the results are evaluated on 9 point scale;

– the testing takes place in two days.

It is necessary to know that success of IELTS formation depends not only on knowledge of language. The structure of the test is also very important.

We will help you:

– To prepare for all four stages of examination in a quality manner: reading, writing, listening and speaking;

– to understand the nuances and give advice on how to get the maximum number of points;

– to learn to distribute time correctly for the fulfillment of tasks;

– to take a trial test and evaluate your results;

– to register correctly for the exam.

Our teachers receive additional professional training and specialize in preparation for the exams. Both individual and group classes are possible.

We provide high-quality services, as our specialists are graduates of foreign universities and have extensive experience of international fees.


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