Another important exam for Spanish language experts. SIELE stands for “Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española” – “International Service for the Evaluation of the Spanish Language”. What is its feature?

SIELE is a multi-level exam. This means that each task has a different level of difficulty. It determines the level of qualification of the candidate from level A1 to level C1.

The advantage of SIELE is that the entire registration process and the exam itself is conducted electronically. This allows you to easily and quickly register, take the test and get results.

The SIELE exam is modular, so you can decide whether you want to take the full exam (SIELE Global) or just some of it (S1 – S4).

There are 5 different options:

  1. World SIELE
  2. S1: Reading & understanding what is heard
  3. S2: Reading Comprehension & Written Expression and Interaction
  4. S3: Hearing & Oral Expression and Interaction
  5. S4: Spoken expression & interaction

The SIELE World Exam consists of 4 tests that correspond to 4 language communication skills. This is the most complete way to prove your level of Spanish.

The independent parts of the exam (S1 – S4) are created from four possible combinations of the World exam. They only determine your knowledge of the part of communication you choose.