Test of English as a Foreign Language is a test of English (with American accent) language proficiency, necessary for admission to universities in the USA, Canada, Asia and Europe. TOEFL certificate is also required for work in foreign companies.


– The structure is identical with IELTS – 4 parts: reading, writing, listening, speaking;

– the results are valid for 2 years;

– examination duration 3-4,5 hours;

– testing is conducted on one day;

– the results are estimated on a 120-point scale.


– To prepare for the exam in quality: reading, writing, listening and speaking;

– To study the structure and to understand the nuances and differences with IELTS;

– to pass a trial text and evaluate their results;

– to prepare with the help of relevant materials;

– to register correctly for the exam.

We provide professional services in preparation for exams, because our specialists are graduates of foreign universities and have a great experience of international fees.

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