On the 9th of September there was the first Speaking club in this studying year. Despite the fact, that people haven’t got used to working routine, our students already study hard. This time the topic of our Speaking club was “What is your drug of choice?”.

We went through the vocabulary in details, discussed this topic with the help of presentation made by Sean and even presented our own projects about this or that kind of drugs. It is considered to be pretty difficult but in Spanglish academy it is up for us.

Here is the vocabulary that our students have learnt:

✏️Drive me nuts – to drive me mad
✏️Unplug the drug – to stop taking drugs
✏️(Gym) junkie – to be addicted to (gym)
✏️Go cold turkey – to have cold sweat after taking drugs
✏️Kick the habit – to get rid of the habit
✏️Off your face – to be high
✏️Sloth – lazy person
✏️Munchies – a term for people who are addicted to marijuana

At the end of our Speaking club we made a conclusion and had an opportunity to play Alias. 2 hours were thought to be 1 second!

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