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The important feature of the system of education is the orientation on taking up practical skills and abilities and close relationships of the universities with international companies. Today there are 100 universities and 135 colleges in Canada💼 All educational organizations are paid by the government. Graduates of colleges get practical skills that are necessary for their future jobs. At the same time, universities of Canada are scientific centers, where the third part of all the researchers are held. After graduating from university students get Master degree and scientists levels.

It is expected to take one of the programmes during Post-Secondary education in Canada:
Certificate program. Education lasts for 2-3 years. These are the programmes that allow people to get a specialization due to the practical skills got during a short period of time.
Bachelor Degree. This kind of education lasts for 3-4 years.
Master Degree. As a rule, this gedree is necessary if you want to continue your scientific work.

All in all, Canadian educational system one of the most popular and effective systems in the world. Canadian diplomas are accepted all over the world. So, education in Canada today is profitable and interesting✈️

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