We would like to tell about our English Speaking club🇬🇧 that was held on Sunday 30.09! The topic of our meeting was: “How do you equate success?”🔝🤗

Here are the phrases that our students have learnt:

✍Knock it out of the park – couldn’t do better, fantastic.
📘We knocked it out of the park on the first try.

✍A wing and a prayer – lowest possible chance of success.
📘Unless we come up with the solution, we’ll be a wing and a prayer.

✍Nailed it! – succeed.
📘I have no doubt that you will nailed it! You’ve trained so hard.

✍Dead in the water – nothing happens, nothing changes.
📘12 months have passed but our project seems to be dead in the water.

✍Strike while the iron is hot – take the opportunity when the time is right.
📘The boss is in a good mood today, let’s strike while the iron is hot and ask for a pay raise.

✍Flash in a pan – sudden, temporary success.
📘His physical form this season has proved that his success last year was no flash in a pan.

✍Pass with flying colours – be successful.
📘I have failed the test, but I’ll come back later and pass with flying colors.

We are waiting for you on our Speaking club!

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