1. Gracias por … – Thank you for …
After the phrase “Gracias por … can be both a noun and a verb.
iGracias por tu apoyo – Thank you for your support.
2. iMuchas gracias! – Thank you very much!
3. ¡Muchísimas gracias!
4. iMil gracias!

The literal translation of this expression would be “A thousand thanks”.
5. Eres muy amable / Es muy amable – You are very kind / You are very kind
6. Te lo agradezco/Se lo agradezco – I am grateful to you/I am grateful to you!
7. Gracias, eres un sol. (Literally: Thank you! You are the sun!)
This phrase, of course, is best used in cases where there is a certain level of trust between the interlocutors.
8. iQué amable! – How nice!
9. ¡Qué detallazo! – Wow! (literally: What a detail! What a gesture!)
10. ¡No me lo puedo creer! iCómo eres! iQué majo!
In fact, Spaniards rarely use just one phrase to say thank you. Most often you will hear combinations and variations of these phrases.
The words of gratitude will also depend on whether you:
a) politely want to refuse the glass of wine kindly offered by the waiter
No, gracias.
b) whether a good friend came to visit you with a gift that you did not expect at all
¡Hala! Muchísimas gracias. ¿Por qué te has mo do? ¡No hacía falta hombre! Thank you very much! You didn’t have to!
c) whether you need to write a formal letter of thanks to the president of the company quiero agradecerle la inmensa … ayuda aportada … – … I express my sincere gratitude for the assistance …
The choice of “phrase of gratitude” is also influenced by differences in mentality. Do not forget about it. Try to listen to speakers.

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